Yoga is extremely important in today's competitive world,especially for students,whose minds are saturated and stressed,trying to keep pace with the activities around them.Recognising the importance of this ancient art, The International Yoga Day is celebrated annually on 21st of June.The Delta Study enthusiastically participated in the same.

    The morning of the 21st of June was deemed to be a peaceful and calming experience for all Deltians.During the school assembly our beloved yoga teachers Mrs.Mereena Ashwini and Mrs.Triveni Pradeep conducted a session of guided meditation for the students and teachers.The students and teachers performed graceful yoga asanas.An air of Serenity enveloped Delta.

 The Principal later addressed the gathering , enlightening the students about the role that yoga plays in improving our lives today.The school head Boy Fahadh Firoz delivered a speech about the Impact of yoga on student life.

 This was followed by a flash mob, a display of yoga asanas in the Fort Kochi bus stand by the students of classes VII & IX.The Principal Mrs.Shireen Francis , coordinator of co-curricular Mrs.Binitha Cherian and a set of teachers accompanied the students.

 The 21st of June 2019 was an extra special day .The yoga day & music day coincided on this very day.Both music and yoga are in its essence art that calms the tremors within us.As a part of Music day, the melodious voices of the school choir echoed across the school hallways.The students of the Senior Secondary block enthusiastically participated in an essay writing competition.It was an enriching experience for the students and teachers of The Delta Study.





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