"Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition. To live through this lockdown & pandemic period, yoga is the best thing to adopt as a lifestyle habit. 
The Delta Study celebrated 7th international yoga day virtually on June 21, 2021. This year theme for Yoga Day was “Yoga for well-being”.  A video was made by students of classes 6th  to 12th  under the guidance of Philomena Mereena (yoga teacher) and presented during online session on 21st June, 2021 . Yoga benefits quotes, yoga with family , importance of sookshma vyayama , importance of breathing and pranayama, intermediate and advanced asanas performance and benefits, sun salutation and benefits are included in the video.   Parents have also performed asanas .    
Apart from physical and mental relaxation, Yoga also helps develop strength, flexibility and immunity. This is especially important in times of the ongoing pandemic when the mental and physical health of people has come under dire stress.  By practicing yoga, we can also sharpen our mind and improve our intelligence.  A higher level of concentration can be achieved through yoga practice.
The hectic pace of our children’s life can have a significant impact on their natural joy—and usually not in a positive way. Yoga can help you cope with these stress.