Circular No.01/2020-21


"Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end.”

                                                     ― Roy T. Bennett




We will let nothing, not even the Corona Virus, dampen our spirits. We, at The Delta Study are all set to welcome the new academic session, 2020-21, with the same enthusiasm and happiness with which we do every year. Let us take this as an opportunity to learn new things and to explore uncharted avenues. We will not let this lockdown, slow down our pace and I am sure all of us will come back rejuvenated.


The Delta Study wants to join hands with you to alleviate as much stress as possible for students, parents and teachers during these hard times. Our goal is to ensure that our students are engaged productively both in academics and co curricular activities, during these pandemic days. Realizing that schools may have to remain closed for an uncertain period, Virtual Classes had started for Std X and XII in the month of April. We propose to commence online classes for Kindergarten to Std IX from 1st June, 2020.


We know you must be anxious and insecure about the school's functioning. Through this circular we would like to bring clarity to some of the doubts that may rise.


1.   The class Whatsapp group for 2020-21 will be ready by end of May and details regarding timing and schedule of online classes and activities will be intimated by the class teachers, through the same.


2.  The school will share the online time table which incorporates academic and co-curricular periods.


3.   Online activities for Kindergarten and Std I, II and III will be presentations/worksheets/online games, which will be self explanatory and parents are requested to guide their children to make the learning process more effective and meaningful. Classes will be held for small batches of 6 to 10 students each and the time slots will be given according to the convenience of the parents


4.    Std IV to Std IX will have online classes for their academic subjects and light periods like yoga/music/art to ensure the overall development of the child. Reading sessions, online writing/art/music competitions will also be incorporated.


5.  Details regarding Std XI admission and online classes will be intimated at the earliest.


6.  Classes for Std X and Std XII will continue as scheduled already, starting with their revision online tests from May 18th, 2020 as per the time table provided.





1.   Parents need to make necessary arrangements with regard to uninterrupted and smooth functioning of the online classes, equipping oneself with the necessary electronic device and Wi-Fi connection.


2.   To create a classroom effect, the students must be in their school uniform and a permanent study space at home, must be allotted, which is free from any kind of distraction and where parent monitoring is ensured.


3.   The platform (Google Meet/Webex) to be used for online classes will be informed along with the time table and the same should be downloaded. The id for the online class / or the required password will be shared on the respective whatsapp groups.


4.  Attendance is compulsory for all sessions.


5.   There can be circumstances such as power failure or lack of connectivity necessitating cancellation of a class, these will be rescheduled by the subject teacher on the same day.


6.  In case any student is disconnected from the session, he/she may rejoin the same at the earliest.


7.    All students must keep their sessions on mute, so the teacher can take the session with no interruption and disturbance to the other students.


8.  Always abide by the instructions given by the teachers and they will guide the students as to how to proceed with doubt clarifying sessions.


This is a time which calls for great patience and perseverance. All of us are here to help you at every step and we therefore in turn, expect all the parents to support and help us enable this service. We seek your cooperation to counsel your wards and focus on academics through this e-learning platform. Let us hope it will be an effective learning strategy and our students will gain from the same.


Let’s stay safe, stay healthy, stay e-connected and learn and evolve together.





Shireen Francis